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Chris Waite - Lead Guitar

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Chris is an enigma . . . even unto himself. Little is known about the talented lead guitarist, other than he is a walking jukebox - he can play just about any tune you can think of, and if he can't just give him a day or two and he'll nail it - every time. Chris was one of the original members of Collideascope but had taken a break from the band to pursue other endeavors. During his absence, Chris got hitched, had a kid, and re-entered school to earn his Masters Degree. Once he had all that stuff on his plate and second kid in the oven - he decided to add one more activity to his laundry list of fun - re-joining Collideascope. So now he is back and ready to ROCK! We are glad to see him back, and look forward to him adding to the dimensions of Collideascope with his amazing guitar licks.

Chris's Gear: