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Rob Hermanowski - Bass, Vocals

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Rob's early bass influences included R.E.M.'s Mike Mills, The Go-Go's Kathy Valentine, and, obviously, Paul McCartney. Rob played in the cover band Theory, then in the Kent-based original group The Switch (with Dee Taylor, currently of Equals Four). Stints in cover bands The London Fog and Malpractice (as rhythm guitarist!) followed. Collideascope allowed for Rob to open up and work on new music and lyrics - and he excels. With songs such as Hero and Welcome to My World, Rob shows a diversity in music composition that has a firm foundation in rock. Rob plays a Rickenbacker 4001 c64s similar to the instrument used by McCartney during the later Beatles and Wings eras. All of these endeavors cause Rob to frequently ponder the cosmic question: “What would Sir Paul do?”

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