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Silhouette of Sound


(words & music: Chris Leib 2019 Whatsername Music)

At the end of the day
She takes my hand, tells me it's okay
In the dark of the night
When the day is done, and she holds me tight

And when I close the door, I just can't take anymore
With the smile in her eyes and the touch of her hand...

She..makes it alright
The candle of love that burns so bright
She...Makes it okay With the light she shines everyday

When a harsh wind's blowing
She says to me and she's all knowing
That her love is all mine
I know then everything will be fine


(words & music: Rob Hermanowski 2015 Kalion Music)

Something happened on that day that told your empty heart
Get ready to start, get ready to start
Before you found the words to say to set her world apart
She had to depart, she had to depart

You lost the day
Then the week
Marking time with notes and rhyme
Though you would rather speak

You lost the month
Then the year
You wait in vain for her
To reappear

Falling down before the pride your memories rebel
Without a farewell, without a farewell
Circumstances set astride this crazy carousel
These moments propel, these moments propel

Mindfulness does extol
To enlighten your soul
Realize no control

Thoughts disturbing your peace
Recognize and release


(words & music: Chris Leib 2019 Whatsername Music)

All the time in the world
(we have)All the time in the world
For everything to unfurl
(we have)All the time

A change is as good as it gets, they say
Drastic upheaval is the order of the day
Your pretty face opened my door
Old fades away, crumpled to the floor

The day has come, my dream come true
Grey landscape, you've turned to blue
A wish is a dream, come to light
Happy days, no more loney nights

Who would believe, a dream come true
A miracle moment, I saw in you

For a time there was nothing new
A grey landscape, until there was you
You pulled the wool away from my eyes
And made me see the bright blue sky


(words & music: Rob Hermanowski 2007 Kalion Music)

Take the photograph now
In a moment the light will change somehow…

Are you ready to go?
Everything that you need you'll have to know
Welcome to the show

Are you ready to see?
Can you part with the old philosophy?
Blame it all on me

Will you give it a chance?
Do you feel like a child of circumstance?
Learn a different dance

Do you know what it means?
We are visitors in each other's dreams
Nothing's what it seems

Take the photograph now…

I remember that photograph
I remember that photograph of you…


(words & music: Chris Leib 2019 Whatsername Music)

Sat awhile with Hamlet's ghost
And he told me that he made a mistake
Said he didn't know the rules of the watch
Wasn't used to the give and take

Miss MacBeth once lived with him
And she cast a spell on his life
How could he know that lies were told
When they came from the mouth of his wife

Shakespear's sister couldn't agree
(Bill's brother bowed his head and sighed)
When truth is told it's ugly, behold
(So damn pretty when you lie)
So damn pretty when she lies

Then there's old man Lear, grinning a sneer
Though he's blind as a bat these days
If he could see, there'd be you and she
Quite possibly stuck in a haze

And Romeo laid his life on the line for the fairest maiden of all
Lost his life based on a lie, didn't see the writing on the wall
Love's such a long way to fall

Othello was a real nice fellow til Desi threw him a curve
Tried to love with all his might, but eventually he lost his nerve
At last there's Kate, who won her date
With the one who tamed her heart
The lucky man who stuck with the plan
Of loving her from the start


(words & music: Rob Hermanowski 2016 Kalion Music)

Give me your time and take a shot
Overused plot
Tied in a knot
(Is that all you got?)

The explanation will remain
Deep in the brain
Pleasure to pain

I'm a jackhammer quick as a death
I can't form a thought I can't catch my breath
Anymore, anymore

Learn to negotiate some peace
Search in the crease
Catch and release

The reemergence is full blown
Enter the zone
Mind of it's own


(words & music: Chris Leib 2019 Whatsername Music)

She said, is it nice on the other side?
I wanna go, can we take a ride? She said
She said, can we sail off into the sun?
Wanna go somewhere where it’s fun, she said

Happy, but what she said didn’t match
And what she did didn’t come naturally
Upbeat, but the words insincere
And though we heard, we just didn’t hear

She said, the price I paid was too high
I wanna follow it to the sky, she said
She said, will you watch me as I slip?
I’m very busy planning a trip, she said

She said, It’s just a means to an end
To you all my love I’ll send, she said
She said, her thoughts were riddled with clues
Headlining the evening news with the words she said


(words & music: Rob Hermanowski 2016 Kalion Music)

What an age it was
Sure we stood
Just because we could

Such a moment lost
Past our prime
Double-crossed by time

I feel the salty breeze surround me
I see the flag atop her mast beyond the waves

Penelope Jane
The sea is her reign
We hear the refrain
And join her again

We will lay aside
All our dread
Take a ride instead

Soon our hearts prevail
Set our sight
Choose to sail all night

On our our journey
Watch our troubles drift away
Keep our focus on the here and now today
Here and now today


(words & music: Chris Leib 2019 Whatsername Music)

With an eye to change the world
Uncompromising to a degree
With a thought to change a life
All she wanted was to be free

Holding out hope for another day
A song to sing, something to say

She’s a superfan,
Dancing as fast as she can
Burning brightly in the sky

Occasionally she’ll stay for a while
Once in a while, she’s out the door
Always a smile to greet the day
Never knowing just what’s in store

With a thought, she’s here with me
She brings a smile to my face
Twinkle in the eye of everyone
Her light fills every space

She’s a superfan,
Dancing as fast as she can
Burning brightly in the sky
She’s a superfan,
Doing the best that she can
Shining brightly in my mind


(words & music: Rob Hermanowski 2017 Kalion Music)

Believe me when I say, I know I’m a better man
No commitments to keep, no intention to sign
You’ll be on your knees, unable to take a stand
(Will we ever be free?)... it’s out of my mind

You should take some time, step into my universe
I won’t take the blame if you don’t manage it
And when I get the time I’ll work on the second verse
(Will we ever be free?)... it’s out of my mind

Temporary lyrics got me feeling some dread
(Where’s your brain?)
Listening to a story that is stuck in my head
(You’re insane!)
Sometimes I mix up what I think and I say and I see
(Who’s to blame?)

Coming to conclusions we will never enact
(Such a joke!)
I much prefer fiction though I think that it’s fact
(Tweets and smoke!)
You see... most unfortunately...
Coming to conclusions we will never enact
(Can’t you see?)
I much prefer fiction though I think that it’s fact
You see... most unfortunately...

Believe me when I say, I know I’m a better man
The thought of one more verse, I’ve left it behind
So if I strain to rhyme, it’s all part of my master plan
(Are we gonna be free?)... well it’s out of my...
(We just wanna be free!)... so out of my...
(When will we be free?)... you’re out of my mind...
(Will we ever be free?)... it’s out of my mind


(words & music: Chris Leib 2019 Whatsername Music)

Oh, my dear, how are you, did you come to save my day
Pull me from my sadness, with just the words you say
Did I ask for you to ring me, did I beg for your advice?
You tell me what you think of things and claim you were being nice

Yes you are, one in a million
We all thank God for that
Of you we have, had our fill of
Tell me what you think of that

Sitting pretty as a picture, with your ducks all in a row
You fix yourself up nicely, for someone else to snow
Did you ever get the feeling of plain shame or just regret
Knowing that this heart of mine is the place on which you stepped

Did you lead me to the water, to a boat that would not float
Did you let me tag along with you for just a chance to gloat
But now I hold my head way up high above the crowd with some esteem
Knowing that I’m free from you and your little schemes


She Makes it Alright (single)

(words & music: Chris Leib 2019, Whatsername Music)