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the colors inside


(music: Mike Johnson; words: Chris Leib, Mark Brown 2006 Busker Tunes, West Akron Music, Overend Music)

She's standing on a corner, watching the rain
try to find the love, try to hide the pain
It's everywhere around but there's none inside
the rain kisses the tears that she cries

It's not love, love
but it's close enough, close enough

She carries it with her every night and day
never seems to want to come out and play
but when it hits her right out of the blue
you've never seen anyone so tried and true

She pokes out her head to see what's around
may not like the sight, but loves the sound
She hopes and prays that she's the lucky one
when the rain stops and out shines the sun


(words & music: Chris Leib 2006 Busker Tunes)

Lenny was a steady on the road he chose
til he saw her 'neath the mistletoe
She turned 'round and looked into his eyes
where that led, he was quite surprised

When you lose your heart
it's a matter of time
You find you've gone and simply
lost your mind

Catch 22, catch 22
Catch 22, she's 22

He looked right, but his feet went left
what he'd say was anybody's guess
All he wanted was a smile from her
she moved quickly, became a blur

Ran Maryann, to the border she went
sound of mind but just a little bent
Where she'd go, she was sure to find
Lenny there right behind


(words & music: Rob Hermanowski 2006 Kalion Music)

Walking down the street
I got no one to meet today
Body wants to roam
My mind prefers to stay at home and say
Don’t you know you’ve got
No one to meet today?

Looking like a loner
And feeling like a donor somehow
Friends drop in they say
How have you been right now?
Don’t you know I’m
Feeling like a donor somehow?

In this game of
Give and take
Nothing ventured
No mistake
All dressed up and
No one to know at all

Used to have a dream it’s
One I haven’t seen for awhile
Tired of the talk I
Gotta learn to walk the lonely mile
Don’t you know I
Haven’t seen that dream for awhile?

Start the day there’s
No one there
Seems unfair
All dressed up and
No one to know at all


(words & music: Chris Leib 2006 Busker Tunes)

You made it worthwhile, and I want you to know
that everything you did meant the world to me
There's no other way that I could be
who I am today
without you Domino

You came to me with no intent
of being nothing more than a friend
When everyone around me had given up
including myself, I was out of luck

You gave me your hand and your smile,
said I'd never walk another lonely mile
Knowing that I would never stray
from the path you put me on that day

It was hard and I fought it just
with a touch of hate, and a little trust
You backed me up, wouldn't let me down
now it's my turn and you taught me how

That time has come for the hardest thing
to say goodbye, so unfurl your wings
I'll always carry your angel's face
with me for it's my saving grace

It was hard and I fought so long
to hold back the tears when it all went wrong
You taught me how to make it through
with you by my side, I always will


(words & music: Tim Barrage 2006 Candy Songs)

I would always need a hand, messin' up all the time
It seemed I'd find trouble, in every space and kind
When times got rough, I would always see you
You would never hesitate always through and through

Through and through
Always through and through

I know now, that it's for the best
Knowing what you went through, taught me of this test

and how to be true
How to be true

You taught me how to live, taught me how to die
If I was half the man, that of my
Dad I would be something to look up to
Nothing that I couldn't stand
and I thank you
I thank you, I thank you

My life partner, was found to be untrue
You were on your deathbed, my life was torn in two
I was afraid to go out, I was afraid to come to
Home was not a shelter, no idea what to do

What to do, no idea what to do

I know now, that it's for the best
Knowing what you went through, taught me of this test

and how to be true
Your love shined through
and I thank you


(words & music: Chris Leib 2006 Busker Tunes)

Wake up with you on my mind, if I do I bide my time
For something to see, something to say
What you will anyway, what you will anyway

I find myself at your door, wanting you and nothing more
I hesitate to hear you say
What you will anyway, what you will anyway

Once in a while you see me
but you look right through me
I just don't know what to do

I find my mind is nothing great, you see I am what I berate
Man for all seasons, so they say
What they will anyway, what you will anyway

I'm at the end of my rope, coping to find a way to hope
some kind of words but you'll say
What you will anyway, what you will anyway


(words & music: Chris Leib 2006 Busker Tunes)

You know I should just let you go
you know I would but there's just one thing I gotta know
What we were then, where are we now
there's got to be a way to get us back somehow

Save for later, given it time (Now and then)
for what we say will always rhyme
There's a place now and then (Given it time)
our hearts follow in the end

The harder you push, the more I shove
The more you look at me, the less I hold a grudge
The softer you talk, the more I hear
The more you speak your mind, the more that I hold dear

I look at you my heart skips a beat
I try to run from you but my heart just won't retreat
You take away my every breath
Tell me what do you have in store next


(words & music: Rob Hermanowski 2006 Kalion Music)

She’s the type who never could put me on
Acting brave when really she’s not that strong
Hidden on the surface of that beautiful face
Right between her smile and those eyes is a trace
Of the tears she cried in the dark late at night all alone

She deserves a hero
Someone who has charm and wit and style
Makes her feel her life is all worthwhile

I wish I were her hero
But I know I’ll never be that guy
Haven’t got the nerve to aim that high

Now and then I wonder why I’m afraid
Maybe I’ll stay happy with this charade
Probably regret it if I don’t act soon
It seems it might be easier to fly to the moon
And I don’t think I’m gonna solve this problem today

Every time I see her I think
Now’s the time to try
Go ahead and tell her how you feel

Then my resolution
Evaporates into the sky
But it’s no big deal
It’s no big deal


(words & music: Tim Barrage 2006 Candy Songs)

As I sit here with my
head stuck in my hands,
I can't help but wonder,
was it all part of my plan.
I have loved and lost,
mostly it's my fault,
It's true that I have watched and learned,
I've seen the end result.

Now it's time to take a stand,
to face what I have done,
to live my life, in love, in trust,
to live my life as one.

History repeats itself,
my mom's and now my own.
When troubles come,
I choose the path,
less bumpy road.
As I complain about the
men that came into my life,
I see a trend, that I have learned
deceit, mistrust and strife.

Now it's time to take a stand,
to face what I have done,
to live my life, in love, in trust,
to live my life as one.

I want to break this ring of fire
that I have learned so well,
to open up and trust,
no more lies to tell.
look into the shiny glass,
are you ready for my wrath?
I want to make a final wish,
to not repeat the past.


(music: Chris Leib, Mark Brown; words: Chris Leib 2006 Busker Tunes, Overend Music)

I wonder why, the reason for the tears you cry
Is it as bad as it seems?
Sitting alone, watching the phone, the skills you've honed
Is this what everything means?

Helping hands now on their own
charity begins at home
Swimming like a sinking stone
charity begins at home

Skies of blue, what do you do with the truth?
Do you hide or do you run?
The lies you say that come your way everyday
Can you smile at the sun?

So you'd risk it all for this
lose it all just for a kiss
The basic scene, it seems to me, is to love
but that's an old fashioned thing
Whatever you do, it's up to you to think of
the right way to sing


(words & music: Dan Noall 2006 Noallicks)

She rides a reckless radio
head between her knees.
Lifetime member to yesterday
and dabbles in-between. . .

Wants to change her name someday. . .

Manna for the minstrel
beads and magazines.
Dance 'til the mirror shatters
purple plasticene.

Loves to hear the snow falling. . .

Freckles are the glitter that
accentuate her eyes.
Holes in her knees are gifts from Jesus
and she thinks that she is mine.

Thinks that she is mine. . .

Pony boys and nameless ones
will decorate her way.
Hope to gain the whispers
that only she can say.