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You May Not Be Right For This


(words & music: Chris Leib 2006 Busker Tunes)

I’m not saying I’m the one
I’m not saying I’m not
It all matters on how you see
All the things that you’ve got
Philosophies come and go
But the questions remain
And I always get it right
‘Cause I subscribe to the Book of Me

It’s funny how some things change
It’s funny how they don’t
Expect the worst, hope for the best
It’ll either come or it won’t
I always go by what I say
Not by what others do
Easy for me to explain away
‘Cause I subscribe to the Book of Me

The Book of Me says, ‘Don’t worry, Luv,
it’ll be alright.
Just don’t let it bring you down,
stand your ground and fight . . .”

So the story is said and done
I’ve said what I have to say
I’m the one or maybe not
You’ll have to find out someday

For yourself, the Book of You
is the one you should seek
Until then I explain away
‘Cause I subscribe to the Book of Me


(words & music: Rob Hermanowski 2006 Kalion Music)

remember the way she was moving
The occasion was white
How my cause was surrendered
Without a fight
I remember the sound of her laughter
And her turning away
On the very last day

I’d imagine that I’d never seen her
After bottles of wine
But with her out of sight
Isn’t out of mind
So I sit and give in to the memory
Of a game never played
On the very last day

Would she write me a letter?
Would she drop me a line?
Would she send me a postcard saying
Wish you were here, maybe next time?
Would she stop to consider
The words I wanted to say
On the very last day?

When I go to sleep and I start to dream
Reinvent myself, redirect the scene


(words: R. Waterson music: Dan Noall / R. Waterson 1984 JakeMusic)

I had to find out,
Just who's been calling.
Leaving no doubt,
Don't wanna be bothered.

If she calls, you know what you can say
I'm fishin' for brains, fishin' for brains
fishin' for brains

Taking the trash,
It's not what I'm here for.
No need to be crass,
I think she's a real bore.


(words & music: Chris Leib 2007 Busker Tunes)

I don't know just what is going on,
and I don't really care.
Stress me out and make me tag along,
no on said this game was fair.

Circumstances make me jumpy,
and I am just not in shape.
Wasted nights, they make me grumpy,
even though we've cleaned the slate.

Hold my hand and make it right.
Call my name and make me smile.
It's a simple situation,
made complicated all the while.

Wish I had a girl as true as you.
Wish I had a heart as pure.
If I did still wouldn't know what to do,
ailing man in need of a cure.

Oh my god, I'm rambling to and fro,
take me far away from here.
Roll the dice, but still can't pass go,
Don't stand so close - hold me near.

That's my song, hope you like what you hear.
I see you dance, so it must be so.
Might be a hit, so have yourself another beer.
Remember me from a long time ago.


(words & music: Tim Barrage 2007 - Candy Songs)

There's a ring on her finger,
And a twinkle in her eye.
Her gaze is cozy and warm,
But deceit is in her eyes.
You may not be right for this.

Heyyyyyyyy Ohhhhhhhh

The task is unnerving,
It really plays on the mind.
Making strides for the feeble,
But unable to climb.

You may not be right for this.
Heyyyyyyyy Ohhhhhhhhh


(words & music: Chris Leib 2006 Busker Tunes)

Winston woke early to greet the day,
Peculiar old man set in his ways.
Never really knowing what it's all about.

Cindy dropped her coat and threw her hat,
Strange little lady doing this and that.

Then one fateful day they met at the station,
together like a drunk craving salvation
clutching at straws and biding time

It's better than nothing, nothing at all,
Little things never seem small.
It's better than nothing, nothing at all.
No amount of love is considered to small.
Nothing at all.

Richie fell in love just a little too late,
Though he didn't mind it was just his fate.
Never really knowing what it's all about.

Maureen didn't mind 'cause she fell in love,
Though it wasn't what she thought it was.
Never really knowing what it's all about.

Johnny broke the rules and left his home,
Lonely old bloke with nothing to show.
Never really knowing what it's all about

Yoko gave a nail and offered peace,
Johnny gladly took, finally found release.
Finally realized what it's all about.

It came up and took them by surprise,
After a lifetime of lonely sighs.
Clutching at straws and biding time.


(words & music: Tim Prentice 2007 Timmy Tunes)

Well I remember salad days,
When we were hangin' every night.
In the scent of stale beer at Ray's,
and jammin' under neon light (come on, now)

We had everything we needed,
'cause friends were all that mattered
And nobody would have believed that,
the future was our dream to shatter

The years can set us free,
to prove our majesty.
When will they let us be again,
the kings of the old Latrobe.

Now chasin' money down a yellow line,
I'm outta mind I'm outta sight.
And no amount of blue blue sky,
is ever gonna make it right.

I'm a big teaser.
I took the easy way out.
I'm a big teaser Yeah!
I took the easy way out

I'm outta sight, am I outta mind?
I'm outta sight, am I outta mind?


(words & music: Rob Hermanowski 2006 Kalion Music)

Welcome to my world
Pardon me if I seem less than thrilled
Bet you never thought
I'd show you this now

I'm really glad you're here
A little troubled by your presence, dear
So let's sit and speculate
What could motivate you anyhow?

Welcome to my life
A little piece of paradise
As you know it wasn't
Always this way

Remember all those tears?
You cried for months but it seemed like years
Now I finally realize
How much I despise the price I paid

You keep saying "remember when?"
But this is now and that was then


(words & music: Tim Barrage 2006 Candy Songs)

I know if I stay, nothing will change.
I know if I go, nothing will change.

I want you near, you can't be found.
There's part of me, that you don't want around.
I reach for you, you push me away.
What do I need, why can't I say?

I want more, can we turn this around?
I say I care, you don't make a sound.
I need more, than "it will do."
I think I'm a fool, my heart aches for you.

You expect me to go, predicted it true
I just don't know, how to say it to you
Blocking me out, afraid to shine through
I want more, it just won't do


(words & music: Chris Leib 2007 Busker Tunes)

The man I used to be, was a silly fool.
Blinded by silly rules.

That lived my life for me, into the ground,
my heart was, forever bound.

It's funny how things don't always go as planned,
funny how one day you're up, the next your canned.

Movies in my head, screened by only me.
Take me for idiocy.

The other shoe drops, the sound it makes,
matches my, heart as it breaks.

Where are the laughs I grew up with on TV,
I guess sitcom life never worked out for me.

The man I used to be, was a silly thing.
Always laughed, always sing.

The man I am today, finds it hard to be,
Chipper and, so carefree.

What goes around does come, around again.
Hope that it's better than

The man I used to be, was a silly fool.
Blinded by silly rules

It's funny how things don't always go as planned,
always doubting how, then knowing that you can.
Who needs fake laughs you knew from TV
sitcom life can never beat the real thing.


(words & music: Tim Barrage 2006 Candy Songs)

You look at me, I look at you.
Is there anything, that I can do?
You ask me how, and I can't say.
What kind of difference, would it make?

I can see you, but I can't touch you
I can hear you, but I can't tell you
Right now - I don't know how.

You and me, what will this be?
Are we doomed, to never see?
Nobody knows, what I can see.
How beautiful, you are to me


(words and music: Rob Hermanowski 2007 Kalion Music)

All that you hold dear
And if the fabric comes undone
Then the work has just begun

Take it to the top
And if the ceiling’s made of glass
Then it’s time to swing the axe

If you’re ready (or not)
You’re going somewhere
If you’re ready (or not)
You’re on your way
If you’re ready (or not)
You can’t make time just go away
Go away…

Make your presence felt
You know your job’s not to conform
Your job’s to raise a storm

If you’re ready (or not)
Your moment’s coming
If you’re ready (or not)
It’s nearly here
If you’re ready (or not)
You can’t tell time to disappear


(music: Dan Noall, Tim Prentice words: Tim Prentice 2002 TripNotic Music)

Hello Mister Dunne
Hallowed be thy gun
Before you cross the hairs,
I might make you aware

I tried to stay away
From your progeny’s display
Of mane and furtive glance;
I never had a chance

She’s So . . . .

Goodbye Mister Dunne
You knew I’d be the one
To first witness the bloom
of the summer’s perfect plume

And if today I die
Then it’s no wonder why
The waterfalls of curls,
The way her dress unfurls

She’s So . . .